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Sold Sep 14,2014 $27,500.00
SOLD Oct 20 2012 $32,000.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $17,000.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $90,000.00
Sold Dec 10,2013 $47,500.00
Sold Aug 17, 2013 $140,000.00
Sold Aug 17, 2013 $25,000.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $25,000.00
SOLD Oct 20 2012 $12,000.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $10,000.00
Sold Nov 25, 2014 $32,500.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $32,500.00


We offer preview of our upcoming auctions 1 week before the auction date.

Be sure to check our website for auction updates or enter your information to be added to our mailing list.

Condition reports for your lots

We offer brief condition reports on all our lots, though it is recommended that bidders preview the lots before placing bids and all items are sold as is.

How are items bid on

You may bid with us on the floor of our auction house in Stamford, phone bid or leave an absentee bid. Additionally, we offer bidding through the live online platforms, and

What happens when I place a winning bid

Once your bid is successful, we will generate an invoice within 3-5 business days and an outline of payment methods. Please contact us, either by phone (475-238-7605) or email ( to make payment. Once payment is confirmed, we will send you shipping information. You will then need to select a shipper (either of your own choosing or one we recommend), contact the shipper, and sign and send back the release form. If you would like to pick up the item in person, you are welcome to though we still require the release form. We ask that all items be scheduled for shipment within 30 days of completing payment. Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 11-5.

We do not handle any of the packaging or shipping of lots ourselves.


What do I do if I would like to consign an item?

Please upload detailed photos and descriptions to We will evaluate pieces and if they are a good fit for our upcoming auction we will contact you with a reference number so we can go forward with the consignment process.

When will my items be auctioned?

If your items are consigned to us, we will list your item in our next auction unless you specify otherwise.

When do I receive payment for my item?

You will receive payment 30 days after the buyer makes payment.

What if my item does not sell?

If your item doesn’t sell, you may choose to reclaim your item or we can list it at a later auction at a lower estimate. We may also be able to list your item in a private sale.

Do you offer trucking service for pickups and drop offs of consigned lots?

If your items are chosen for consignment, then you are responsible for dropping them off and picking them up.

What happens after my property is received at the auction house?

When we receive your lot, it will be photographed and catalogued and stored in our showcase until auction day. Detailed records are maintained to ensure you receive prompt payment or have the item returned, as the case may be.

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