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Sold Sep 14,2014 $27,500.00
SOLD Oct 20 2012 $32,000.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $17,000.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $90,000.00
Sold Dec 10,2013 $47,500.00
Sold Aug 17, 2013 $140,000.00
Sold Aug 17, 2013 $25,000.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $25,000.00
SOLD Oct 20 2012 $12,000.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $10,000.00
Sold Nov 25, 2014 $32,500.00
Sold Feb 24, 2013 $32,500.00

Antique Consignment 

We have Specialist of Asian Art and Antiques


Stallion Hill Gallery  

We offer full appraisal service for your valuable items and

Sells fine Asian art and antiques from every category

for collectors and estates


You can submit an online consignment request or

Call our Specialist at 917-658-6651


Please be sure to include

Name, phone number, with clear photographs and description

Of your valuable items include identifying marks and damage if any.


Please upload detailed photos and descriptions to summit online 

or sent direct e-mail to

We will evaluate pieces and if they are a good fit for our upcoming auction we will contact you with a reference number so we can go forward with the consignment process.

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